My name is Jorge Arteaga, and portrait photography is one of my passions.

Besides photography I am interested in technology, science, literature and enjoy mountain biking, running and cooking .

I have lived in Venezuela, the United States and Spain. Currently I am based in Quito, Ecuador.

My style
I like photography in general but portraiture is what attracts me most. Capturing the essence of the person, their mood, their character is something I find marvelous. It is like immortalizing a tiny fraction of their lives for them and for others.

There are two types of portraits I usually undertake, the ones I take in the street (street photography), and the ones in a studio or location with a model posing.

My style for the second type of portraiture is inclined towards simplicity, the use of natural light and shadows, and a subtle management of flash or other studio equipment. The retouching in Photoshop is basic and I try to keep it simple.